Purchase Services from TC Creative

How can I purchase services from TC Creative?

There are two ways that you can purchase services from TC Creative: Upwork and by contacting me.

Upwork Projects

If you would like to purchase services directly in the Upwork Project Catalog, head to my Upwork profile and scroll down to see my projects. Direct links to my projects are also on this page below.

Hiring me here on TC Creative

How much do my services cost? Each project is different. I charge by the hour, the word, and the page. It all depends on your project’s scope and word count. My prices are competitive and I am happy to see if I can work within your budget!

My Upwork Project Catalog

You can hire me directly through my Upwork page if you want to make it easy. There, you can create a contract simply and securely.

You can also directly purchase individual services from me in the Upwork Project Catalog:

  • SEO Blog
    • Drive more traffic to your website.
    • Increase awareness of your services and products
    • Grow your business with SEO blogs
  • Proofreading 
    • I proofread essays, homework, project slides, and assignments.
    • I proofread cover letters, emails, projects, proposals, and anything else.
    • Less than 24-hour turnaround time
  • Webpage Copywriting
    • Easily add SEO and valuable information to your website
    • Good copy equals good business
    • Be proud of your business website
  • Professional Review of Your Resume Cover Letter
    • Fast turnaround time
    • I will offer suggestions and edits
    • Get a clear and concise cover letter with TC Creative

Simply click the link, purchase the project on Upwork, submit the requirements, and I will deliver by the deadline.

Get in Touch

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