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Who is TC Creative? Learn more about me:

Want to learn more about me? Start with all kinds of fly-fishing.
Fly-Fishing in Martha’s Vineyard

My name is Thomas Cochran and I am a copywriter in Charleston, South Carolina.

I built TC Creative on customer satisfaction and never missing a deadline. I started my own copywriting business because I love writing copy that ranks and converts. I can write webpage copy, SEO Blogs, creative content, About Us pages, landing pages, brand messaging, marketing materials, and everything in between.

My business on Upwork

If you would like to learn more about me and see reviews of my work, check out my Upwork profile. I am proud of my 5-star rating, customer satisfaction rate of 100%, and of the testimonials that I have received from clients outside of Upwork.

Successful copywriting is defined by satisfied clients.

How I got started copywriting

Learn more about me in my Upwork reviews

Before becoming a professional copywriter, I graduated from the College of Charleston with a BA in English. I worked for many years in the golf business as a glorified golf cart and had a blast. Then, I got my first break as an aspiring writer.

One thing about me is that I value friendships. I am so lucky to have friends who own their own branding companies and one day they suggested that I become a professional copywriter. They gave me my first gigs and did so much to boost my confidence as a writer. That also meant allowing me to make all the mistakes every writer makes when they begin. TC Creative wouldn’t be here and I would still be cleaning golf clubs for tips if not for Hayes, Brendan, and Morgan. Thank you so much!

I left the golf business behind and now I am happily building my freelance copywriting business with a laptop, a yellow legal pad, and a uni-ball fine tip black pen. Please, no gel pens in the office!

TC Creative is rewarding

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The most rewarding part of my job is helping someone land a great new gig with a killer cover letter or seeing an online business flourish because I helped them find the perfect brand voice.

Please stop featuring bad copy on your website!

If you learn one thing from this About Me page, learn this: It is important that new businesses and established businesses invest in copy for their website.

more about me: SEO Blogs

Customers do not notice clean, successful copy. But they certainly notice bad paragraphs and unreadable sentences. Good copy will never hurt your business but bad copy can do great damage to your bottom line!

Good Web copy will:

  • Clearly state your business’ value proposition
  • Drive traffic with proper SEO
  • Generate valuable leads
  • Be a resource for your customers
  • Establish your authority

Want to know more about me? I’m probably fly-fishing

When I am not writing copy, I love fly fishing, hanging out with my friends watching football and basketball, and playing golf.

I couldn’t write an About Me page without talking about fishing. One of the reasons I am a freelance writer is so that I can fly fish when the tide is right. But not before I meet your deadline!

silhouette of man standing on boat in the middle of the lake

I am also always trying to improve my craft. No writer is ever finished learning. One part about me that makes me a professional is that I am constantly learning from my mistakes. And believe me, when you write for a living, you make a lot of mistakes! But understand that when you hire me, you are hiring someone determined to deliver the best copy that he possible can.

My promise to you is that I will work until you are satisfied and have content for your website that you can be proud of.

If you are looking for copywriting services in Charleston SC or anywhere else around the world, please contact me here.

We will schedule a quick zoom meeting to discuss the scope of your project and then I can get started.

I know how to write for your business.