Does the College of Charleston Respect Za in 2021?

I am excited that the College of Charleston has fully returned to the city of Charleston. As an alumni, seeing C of C kids fill the city streets again triggers many happy memories. The students have injected the Holy City with a much-needed infusion of optimism and energy after a difficult few years.

College kids are vital to Charleston’s survival. The city was not quite as vibrant in 2020 for a number of reasons, but the missing students was the biggest one. And, as you read in the “4 Best Times to Visit Charleston, SC,” fall is most certainly the best time to be in Charleston.

I go on mental health walks every day around the city and seeing C of C operating at full capacity has added an unquantifiable value to my daily tradition. Community is so important to us all.

But I also have a question I would like to ask College of Charleston students: Do you not respect Za?

Every day I see Pizza near the College of Charleston

This is not an old man shaking my fist at college kids for doing things I did a mere 10…er…15 years ago. This is legitimate question from a concerned citizen.

Almost every day, I see half-eaten pizza slices on the ground around the College of Charleston during my mental health walks. I expect the vomit, pee, garbage juice, and other that comes from an economy based on the alcohol over-consumption habits of college kids. But uneaten pieces of pizza? Unacceptable.

As a student at the College of Knowledge, rated #1 best College town by the Princeton Review, you have a duty to the freshman-15 to finish your late-night pizza. If you toss it up later, well, then it wasn’t meant to be. But I cannot for the life of me figure out why anyone would make the effort to get a piece of pizza, take two bites, and then toss it on the ground like some modern day Marie Antoinette tossing breadcrumbs to the peasants.

Pro Tip: “Za” is an acceptable two-letter word in Scrabble. Use it to rid your letters of Z and to score easy, double-letter points!

Cougars had mad respect for the street meat

College of Charleston Street Meat

Some things have value during the day. Some things have value throughout your life; and those things should be most cherished like relationships and friendships. But some things have great value at 2 A.M for a very short period in a person’s life while they are in college:

Street Meat

When I was at the College of Charleston, the hot dog man set up two doors down from The Dollar every night. Yes, that Dollar. The Dirty Dollar (What’s up, Steve!). The hot dog man had a line that was roughly 30 people long after last call. And as his business expanded, so did his offerings.

We didn’t wait in line to order that cherished street meat, take two bites, and then throw it on the ground. That would have been ridiculous. We ate that hot dog with respect as we tried to make it home without getting robbed or falling on our faces like a gentleman.

Best Pizza Near College of Charleston

Best pizza near the College of Charleston is D'allesandro's.

The very BEST pizza anywhere in Charleston is D’Allesandro’s. Opened when I was a sophomore, D’als used to have a lunch special where you could get a slice and a pint of beer for $7. And you could put it on your CHAMP card and make your parents pay for it!

They still sell the best pizza pie in Charleston as far as I am concerned. Here is a list of the best pizza near the College of Charleston:

Get it together College of Charleston

person in white shirt with brown wooden frame

Everyone North of Broad is so happy to have y’all back in town! The College of Charleston is such a valuable institution to this city and I am proud to be an alumni of the 250 year-old school.

However, I do have a request for the current students of C of C: Please respect the Za.

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By, Thomas Cochran
By, Thomas Cochran

Owner of TC Creative, a copywriting service in Charleston SC.

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