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Here are 5 easy tips to improve your cover letter today.
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If you are interested in getting cover letter help before applying for a new job, then you have come to the right place. One of the services I offer in my copywriting business, TC Creative, is a professional review of your cover letter.

People all over the world hire me to edit their cover letters and to suggest revisions. I just finished a review for a doctor in Germany.

Before I continue, let’s make one thing clear: You do not hire me because I am smarter than you. My client from Germany was applying for a position studying psoriasis drugs. I’d say he has me beat in the IQ department. But he did need my help crafting a clear and concise cover letter.

Below are ways that you can improve your cover letter in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: The best way to get cover letter help: Get to the point

What is a cover letter? A cover letter is a personalized introduction from you to the person you are applying for a job from. It should serve as a cover letter for resume.

The man with the PhD failed in this department. I suggested that he delete three long paragraphs from his cover letter for two reasons:

  • Cover letter format should be contained in one page
  • You will be given the opportunity to discuss your qualifications further in the interview.

There is no need to discuss all of the reasons you are qualified for a job in your cover letter. You also do not need to list things that already appear in your resume.

Get cover letter help by making it short and to the point!
Get cover letter help!

Get to the point. Your cover letter should be an introduction of the candidate (you) and a brief discussion of your interest in the position, your qualifications, and your overall value proposition.

Quick Note: You can hire me to give you cover letter help today by clicking this link. Turn around time is under 24 hours!

Step 2: Get cover letter help by deleting anything ending in -ly.

I am really, extremely, incredibly, serious about this.

All that needs to be said in the sentence above is, “I am serious about this.” There is no need for any of the other words that end in -ly. Serious is serious, period.

Another way to create good cover letter examples is by filling it with clear, concise sentences and direct statements. This doesn’t mean that you cannot be conversational and it also doesn’t mean that you cannot have your own style. One of the most important rules in writing is that there are no rules.

No adverb or adjective will make you a more qualified candidate. Using words that end in -ly will retract from your cover letter, not enhance it.

Step 3: Remove redundancy to get cover letter help

get cover letter help and get the job

My client from German wrote a great paragraph in his cover letter, which was a short cover letter sample, about a rewarding internship that led him to pursue a career in drug studies. Then he wrote about the same internship in those paragraphs I advised him to delete. Do not do this in your cover letter.

Removing redundancy will help shorten your cover letter and will make it more successful.

Step 4: Customize your cover letter for every job

Hire TC Creative to get cover letter help
Write in a very small chair

You should do your best to customize your cover letter for every position that you apply for. Do not simply cut and paste the same old tired cover letter copy. Try to address the recipient by name and talk a little bit about the company you hope to work for. This shows them that you have done your research and are not just mass applying for new gigs.

This step only requires a few additional sentences and will go a long way to show the company you hope to work for that you are committed.

Step 5: Hire a professional to improve your cover letter format

My client from Germany did not need my help doctoring. He did need my help writing. There are many free cover letter examples on the internet, and you should use them to your advantage. Now that I am finished with his project, his cover letter is clear, concise and effective. His qualifications were highlighted by his cover letter and his enthusiasm was depicted without being long-winded or redundant.

He hired me through the Upwork Project Catalog at 4 A.M (because of the time difference) and had his edited cover letter returned to him by 8:30 A.M. All of my contracts come with two rounds of revisions so that my clients are always satisfied.

Are you ready to get cover letter help today? Click this link and let’s get started!

By, Thomas Cochran
By, Thomas Cochran

Owner of TC Creative, a copywriting service in Charleston SC.

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