Top 10 Tips for Draftkings Beginners

I still consider myself a DFS beginner even though I have been playing contests on Draftkings and Fanduel for a few years now. I have had some pretty awesome results playing DFS using Occupy Fantasy for strategy and information. I won $5,000 playing MMA DFS and I came close to winning the NBA Finals Milly Maker on Draftkings in 2021.

Daily fantasy sports is more popular than it has ever been. Here are my top 10 tips for DFS beginners.

1. Take advantage of Draftkings new player promotions

Most DFS sites offer deposit bonuses for new players. You might as well take advantage of free money from Draftkings and Fanduel. But only deposit an amount that you are willing to lose. You should also play in beginner contests like the “EPE” options offered by Fanduel. These contest exclude experienced players and level the playing field for the participants.

Quick Note: Get access to Occupy Fantasy premium content for one low price. Use the Occupy Model when building all of your NFL, NBA, MMA, PGA, NHL, and MLB DFS lineups.

Win real money playing Draftkings contests.

2. Stay realistic about your chances of winning on Draftkings

Professional players rule DFS. DFS beginners should stay realistic about their chances of winning DFS contests. The reasons pros have an advantage is because they combat the incredible variance involved in fantasy sports with a large bankroll. Casual players should only play within their means and use low-risk strategies to manage their bankroll, avoid competing with pros, and increase their chance of winning.

3. Learn Draftkings strategy

DFS beginners may not be able to compete with DFS professionals, but you can learn their strategies. Occupy Fantasy is run by DFS pros that spend a lot of time and effort explaining their strategy to members. They write daily plugs for every slate, and I use the information when I am building my lineups. Their daily plug and Occupy Model are the main tools I used to win $5,000 on Draftkings.

4. Learn bankroll management on Draftkings

bankroll management is imperative for draftkings success

Because the variance is extremely high in DFS, it is important that DFS beginners learn how to manage their bankroll. Play smaller low-risk contests and EPE contests on Fanduel to limit your losses when you are first starting out. Then practice playing in the larger contests by max-entering the cheaper contests like the $.25 Jukebox on Draftkings. Max entering these cheap contests is fun and can teach you how to multi-build lineups.

5. Use Youtube for research for Draftkings

There are many Youtube channels that explain DFS strategy and discuss upcoming slates. DFS beginners should take advantage of these channels for research. Here are 3 of my favorites:

6. Play in Draftkings satellite contests

I think the best tip I learned from Occupy Fantasy strategy guides is the satellite contest strategy. They suggest that you enter satellite contests to try and win cheaper entries into the larger contests. This is the DFS beginners strategy I used to finish just 2.13 fantasy points out of 1st place in the 2021 NBA Finals Milly Maker on Draftkings. Fanduel even has EPE satellite contests just for beginners that you should take advantage of when first starting out.

Quick Note: Occupy Fantasy membership includes access to their Custom Model for every slate, every day. Ownership projections, Draftings and FanDuel value, and their custom OF Index are just a few of the stats provided by the model every day.

7. Only play DFS for sports that you like

selective focus photography of man holding nike football ball draftkings

It can be difficult for dfs beginners to play DFS for sports that they do not enjoy watching. The DFS strategy is different for every sport and it can be tough to build lineups for sports that you do not watch. If the only sport you like is football, then beginners should only play NFL DFS because you will have more fun.

8. Use ownership projections to your advantage

Like line movements in sports betting, DFS beginners can use ownership projections to their advantage. The key to winning DFS is having a unique lineup with a high ceiling. You can figure out ownership projections using the Youtube channels listed above. Or, you can sign up for Occupy Fantasy and gain access to their custom model which includes ownership projections.

9. Always play free pools and free contests on Draftkings

Draftkings has lots of free pools that you can play every day. In these pools, you answer a set of questions and if you get all of the questions right, you win free money. Draftkings and Fanduel also have a number of free contests that allow you to practice making lineups and that award cash prizes just like paid entries. DFS beginners should take advantage of free opportunities to win money playing daily fantasy sports.

10. Have fun playing DFS

DFS beginners need to remember that these contests are very difficult to win. That is why they should play for fun and have realistic expectations of the outcome. Beginners should use the tips above to manage their bankroll, learn DFS strategy, take advantage of free money, and have fun playing daily fantasy sports.

By, Thomas Cochran
By, Thomas Cochran

Owner of TC Creative, a copywriting service in Charleston SC.

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