How I Won $5000 Playing Daily Fantasy

During the pandemic I was searching for something to fill the endless hours of quarantine so I started playing daily fantasy sports.

The problem with playing daily fantasy sports is that you compete against professionals who are advantage players. They know strategies and utilize algorithms to consistently beat the majority of the field on Draftkings more often than casual users. 

Searching Youtube I discovered this video:

In this video, Brian Jester, founder of Occupy Fantasy, describes how he won $1 million on Draftkings. I liked his story and decided to sign up for his website for a month-long trial membership. 

Using the Occupy Model from Occupy Fantasy

MMA contests on Draftkings have to be some of the hardest to win in fantasy sports. Fist fights are full of so much variance that you are basically betting on a 6-fighter parlay with every lineup. 

The advantage that Occupy Fantasy offers you is twofold:

  • You get analytics from their proprietary Occupy Model and they publish a “Daily Plug” that discusses strategy and insight into the upcoming MMA fight card. (They publish a daily plug for almost every sport every day, including the NFL dfs, NHL dfs, MLB dfs, MMA dfs, PGA dfs, and CSGO dfs)
  • You get a lineup generator that will help you make hundreds of daily fantasy lineups.

How to use Occupy Fantasy to win daily fantasy contests 

I used their “Occupy Fantasy Index” number to find Shana Dobson, a fighter that had a high-risk upside and projected low ownership. Then I filled out the rest of my lineup with fighters that I thought would win based on the Daily Plug advice and the Occupy Model. Here is the result:

The lineup I used to win playing daily fantasy MMA.

Winning a huge daily fantasy contest on Draftkings like this takes A LOT of luck. It is basically a lottery ticket because there is so much variance and entries (over 50K). Since then I have learned so much more from Occupy Fantasy that now I truly appreciate how rare this win was. But, I also would never have rostered Shana Dobson without their advice and the Occupy Model. 

I play fantasy sports almost every day and still lose often. I am not a professional and it is just a hobby. Because of this win however, I am still “up” on Draftkings about $4,800. All it takes is one great win and you can pay for a lifetime of playing DFS. I did that thanks to Occupy Fantasy.

How to learn from daily fantasy professionals

Brian Jester and the contributors at Occupy Fantasy have taught me a lot about playing DFS on Draftkings. I think the most important thing I learned is how to be patient and accept variance.

It can be annoying when you spend a lot of time making lineups only to have them crash and burn on the first day of a PGA tournament. But like I said before, all it takes is one great win to make it all worth it. 

daily fantasy

In addition to the Daily Plug and Occupy Model, they offer a couple of e-book tutorials that you can buy on their website. If you want to understand how to play fantasy football and actually win without having to invest a ton of money, then you should buy their ultimate guide

Occupy Fantasy’s satellite daily fantasy strategy

Recently, I used one of their strategies to ALMOST split $1 million dollars with another user during the NBA Finals. They suggest that you target what are called “satellites and qualifiers” on Draftkings. In these contests, you can win tickets into bigger contests for a fraction of what the entry would cost you otherwise. 

I spent the entire NBA dfs playoff season competing for entries into the Draftkings Milly Maker contest. The first prize for this contest is $1 million and a ticket into their tournament of champions. The price per entry is $25 and you can enter up to 150 lineups. That is a lot of cash. 

Using the Occupy Fantasy strategy, I spent about $30 entering satellites into the Milly Maker. I won six of them, so I had $150 worth of entries that only cost me $30. 

Here is my best NBA playoff dfs team:

Little did I know I would miss winning $500,000 by 2.13 fantasy points! One other user had the same lineup as I did, so I would have split the first place money with him. Still, I won over $200 that night and almost won life-changing money with $30 investment. All thanks to what I learned at Occupy Fantasy.

Sign Up for Occupy Fantasy Today

Let’s recap how you can gain an advantage playing daily fantasy:

  • Become an Occupy Fantasy member 
  • Learn strategy from Occupy Fantasy’s Ultimate Guide
  • Read the Daily Plug written by dfs professionals
  • Use the proprietary Occupy Model
  • Play satellites to enter the big Draftkings contests for less

I use Occupy Fantasy everyday to gain an advantage and make my daily fantasy lineups. Their prices are reasonable and the contributors make playing daily fantasy sports enjoyable. 

people woman hand faceless

I cannot guarantee that you will have the same results as I did. I can guarantee that you will have a better opportunity to win daily fantasy sports contests on Draftkings using Occupy Fantasy.

With NFL dfs season right around the corner, Occupy Fantasy has what you need to compete in every Draftkings and Fanduel contest this year.  

Sign up for Occupy Fantasy today and gain a tangible advantage playing daily fantasy sports on Draftkings. 

By, Thomas Cochran
By, Thomas Cochran

Owner of TC Creative, a copywriting service in Charleston SC.

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